We're Back Open!

After 8 days of constant remodeling activity, we re-opened our doors on Monday morning of this week. We love the changes and think you will too. The new look and colors still take my breath away when I walk to the front of the store and turn around.
New display in our remodeled store.
The new, updated version of World's Window takes you on a light and airy trip around the world.

But, in case you loved the over-full look of our holiday store, never fear. We're turning the back room in the World's Window Marketplace and know you'll love that too. All in all, the same wonderful mix of clothing, jewelry, gift, folk art and textiles. Just all beautified in a new way.

In the midst of all the remodeling, we also installed a new computer inventory system. Boxes of new merchandise have arrived; we're only being delayed by getting new hardware and software in place and functioning. By Thursday (Feb. 9) there will hopefully be lots of new to see, but likely not new jewelry until at least Friday. And the new Marketplace won't open for a number of days. Presently it's our staging area for the rest of the store. But it will be worth the wait.

Do you have a red Chinese New Year envelope in hand from shopping with us during our remodeling sale? Thursday is the magic day when you can come into the store, open your envelope and discover your prize. Since we gave out every single envelope, we know there's a $500 shopping spree ticket out there somewhere. Don't miss your chance to win a free gift, a discount, a gift certificate or the grand prize shopping spree.

Thank you for your patience during our week of "Paint and Pizzazz."