We Disco'd the Night Away! And Raised over $6600 for Rose Brooks Center

What a life- and love-affirming celebration! Our twelfth annual Flipping Favorites clothing benefit was wildly successful and wonderfully fun.

You brought your Flipping Favorite tickets and shopped and shopped 
You lined up with your tickets and shopped, and shopped, and shopped!
The beautiful faces of WW shoppers at Flipping Favorites 
You carried arm-fulls and ducked into dressing rooms over and over and sipped some wine and munched on goodies and shared smiles.
Rose Brooks staff and volunteers were busy all night with sales 
Rose Brooks staff (KATY!!!) and volunteers were busy all evening ringing up sales, bagging up your purchases and gratefully accepting your donations. 

The WW staff had so much fun helping you shop 
And, we, the partying World's Window staff loved assisting you and celebrating along with you.
Over one thousand items of clothing went to Rosie's Closet at Rose Brooks Center 
And then onto the Rose Brooks truck rolled over 1,000 of clothing on hangers and more in boxes ready for Rosie's Closet and the women in shelter.
WW staff celebrating your generosity in a successful Flipping Favorites for Rose Brooks Center 
We celebrate YOU! YOU who donated and YOU who attended.
We couldn't do this without YOU!
YOU are disco-swinging, women-supporting, super stars!!


And, one more big THANK YOU - to the wonderful companies listed below who sent new clothing items for our $10 Flipping Favorites racks - beautiful first-quality fashions. Some you purchased; many went on to Rose Brooks Center. All a great benefit to Rose Brooks Center. We are humbled by the support from these special supporters. Amazing partners all!
World's Window company vendors who donated items for Flipping Favorites