Temporary "Flattening The Curve" Shopping Hours and Ways to Support Small Business

To our World’s Window customers, friends, vendors and Brookside supporters:

So, the most important details for all of you first: Starting Wednesday, March 18, our store hours are temporarily changing. We will open at 12:00 noon all 7 days of the week and close at 5:00 p.m. Yes, we are keeping our light, big, airy, spacious store open for those who want to come step into the beauty of our “world” and do some shopping. Of course we’re cleaning and cleaning and have lots of sanitizer and soap easily available. We won’t give you hugs, but will still offer wonderful assistance and suggestions.

Would you prefer having your own personal shopping time? We’re glad to schedule 11:00 private shopping time for customers who want more to start the day in our freshly-cleaned store. Call Della during our 12 – 5 regular hours to set up your own special time (816-361-2500) or e-mail at della@worldswindowkc.com.

If you come in, you’ll notice several familiar faces missing for the next little while. In the changing of our hours we so reluctantly had to say a (temporary) farewell to some of our staff. We doubly and triply hope they will be back soon to help all of you. The spirit of World’s Window has always included the gifts and energy of each staff person who makes up our “family.”

There is so much I could say here about today and this tough week. It’s been the hardest one in the 35-year history of our store. All of the reasons are the same as you are hearing from so many businesses. We are making the best decisions we can on any given day with what information is current and what the challenges are to keep our business going. Owning your own small business is a wonderful joy, but doesn’t carry with it the breadth and depth of options that larger companies might have. On the other hand, every single decision we make includes care for our staff and our customers.

We thank each of you for your past and continued support of World’s Window. YOU are a most important part of what makes our “world” so special.

Love supporting local, but not sure how to shop right now? Let us count the ways!

1. In the store as you always do. We're keeping surfaces clean and new merchandise fresh. We'll not give hugs but will give plenty of smiles and assistance.

2. By phone. We'll give suggestions, text you pictures if you need details, complete your sale and have it all packaged up for you to stop by and pick it up.

3. OR. . .we'll run your package out to you in a curbside pickup.

4. OR. . .we'll mail your package – perhaps even free of charge

5. OR. . .even ask us if we can deliver your package to you. We’ll consider it!

Don't have any particular shopping needs right now, but want to keep supporting our store and our staff right now?
. . . TaDa!!!

World's Window Gift Card. World's Window, Brookside, Kansas City, Missouri

6. Buy a World's Window gift card for any amount and we'll ADD 10% more to the value of the gift card as our "thank you" for shopping small and local, especially now. We'll send the gift card out to you and you'll have bonus money to spend on great Spring fashions, birthday, graduation and mother's day gifts and our annual anniversary sale later this year! It's a gift to us as a small business and a gift to yourself!

Your support of small businesses like ours is so crucial during these weeks. Thank you!