Sally's Party

In late June we finally got to host the very special private shopping spree party for Sally Daily. Sally was our winner from our April 30th Anniversary give-way. But when Sally decided to share her winnings with her daughters and daughters-in-law, it took a little longer to plan an evening party that could include everyone. In the end, one family member couldn't make it, but all of the rest of us had a fabulously fun evening. Congratulations again to our winner, Sally Daily. Thank you for sharing your family with us!

A quick look at this special evening. (By the way, if you would like to plan your own private shopping party to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or other special event, let us know. We'll help you plan a fun 2-hour party with your girlfriends or sisters or whoever you want to bring along!)
Welcome Sally to your private shopping party as our anniversary winner!

Sally had lots of fun trying on all kinds of styles. Who knew tunics and leggings could just be so much fun!
Our winner Sally Daily trying on many new fashions

Since Sally generously shared her winnings with her daughters, everyone had a great time finding treasures to take home.
Sally's daughters shopping for their own treasures to take home

At the end of the evening, everyone went home with smiles and new fashions, jewelry and gifts.
Our anniversary drawing winners with all their purchases
Congratulations, again to Sally and her family!