"Paint and Pizzaz" Sale at World's Window Starts Friday the 13th

We're headed into a little remodeling.
It's the 7-year itch.
It's the need for a little face lift.
It's the Year of Dragon
with the potential to breathe
life-shaping fire, to be magical.

So, why not?
Let's bring in the year with a mighty roar!
A great time to magically transform the store with some new paint, carpet and who knows what else!

For YOU that means a Dragon of a Sale before we have to be draggin' everything to the basement for a week. YOU choose your discount week:
Jan 13 - 19: 40% off
Jan 20 - 25: 50% off
Jan 26 - 28: 50% off + an extra 10% off
total purchases over $200
PLUS, receive a Chinese New Year Red Envelope with a mystery prize -
including a chance to win an amazing $500 shopping spree.
So many possibilities of good fortune!

When we first started talking about repainting the store, new carpet, refinishing the floor, and on and on, there were many incredulous looks and MANY big sighs. We wondered how we could possibly make it through another remodeling. But then we started planning. And we started rearranging the floor. And we started looking at colors. And we started talking to some of you who got excited with us. THEN we decided to add in adopting a new inventory computer system at the same time. Well, why not? We might as well add chaos to chaos. No, wait. It's adding excitement to excitement. (We'll keep repeating that.) Now we're literally spinning in energy and anticipation.

So, come spin along with us. A great sale. Prize envelopes. A magic transition. The promises of a fresh look. A Dragon of a start to the new year.

Come "Paint and Pizzaz" with us!