Our Rock Stars - Customers, Vendors, Our Staff and Rose Brooks Center

Flipping Favorites - So Fabulous!

Words can't hardly describe how excited we were with everyone's generosity at this year's Fabulous Flipping Favorites this past May. Over 100 of you donated clothing. Over 20 of our vendors sent new clothing. Enough clothing was purchased (often in arm-loads) to raise over $5,500 for Rose Brooks Center. The following day, over 1,000 garments were transported to Rosie's Closet at Rose Brooks Center for the women sheltering there from domestic violence. Our customers are all Rock Stars and we can't thank YOU enough!!

Flipping Favorites customer shoppers for Rose Brooks Center

As a staff we had a ton of fun. We loved helping everyone find great fashions and sharing your love for great bargains. We also loved accepting your armfuls of donations throughout April and partying with you. Behind the scenes we received amazing help from Liberty Mutual volunteers (through Rose Brooks) in steaming, tagging and moving clothing and from Jan's two sisters, Sandi and Judy, and her cousin, Stephanie, who sorted and organized all the clothing and helped prepare and serve the party food. Yup - rock stars!

World's Window staff and Jan's family helping with Flipping Favorites

Our vendors make the most wonderful, creative fashions - and then share some with us for Flipping Favorites because they believe in what we do - and in fighting domestic violence. Yup - rock stars!

Companies that donated to Flipping Favorites for Rose Brooks Center

And, many thanks to Rose Brooks Center, their staff and volunteers for all their help this year. Yup - rock stars!