Our On-Line Store is Open for Business!!

Annddd. . .we’re live! Our on-line store is open for business at www.worldswindowkc.store. So go exploring!

To celebrate our “Grand Opening” we have 12 fabulous gift assortments, each worth over $50, but offered at just $30 each Just 12 of them. Each a different assortment. Grab them while you can.

Gift Bag assortments offered during grand opening of on-line store for World's Window in Kansas City Missouri

Yes, you can place orders. And you can purchase either on-line gift cards or in-store gift cards and we’ll still add another 10% to your gift card purchase.

Obviously not all of World’s Window is in this .store location. (Like no jewelry yet.) We’ll be adding more each day. Shop now, shop tomorrow. Now we’re “open” 24 hours!

New World's Window on-line store open at www.worldswindowkc.store

Enjoy!! And THANK YOU for shopping with us. It’s definitely a way to share for our small, local business that’s been sharing the world with Kansas City for over 35 years!