Our Annual Fazmagorical After-Christmas Sale, December 26 - 31

Yes, it might be early to be advertising our After-Christmas Sale. But here's the catch. From Dec. 26 - 31 almost the entire store is 20% off. Yes, almost the entire store! However, if you have our wonderful green Holiday Bonus Check, your savings will be doubled to 40% off!

20% off After-Christmas Sale December 26 - 31

Do you have your Holiday Bonus Check yet? It entitles you to 20% off from December 26 all the way to January 4. However, it's at our grand After Christmas Sale (Dec. 26 - 31) you can add your bonus check discount to our all-store 20% discount for a grand 40% off at our largest sale of the entire year! So, how do you get this wonderful, marvelous Holiday Bonus Check? You simply shop with us anytime from now until we close the store on Christmas Eve, December 24th at 4 p.m. With any purchase you'll receive your bonus check which is your ticket to double savings at the After Christmas Sale.

Sample Holiday Bonus Check

But remember, you have to shop with us between now and December 24th to get your "Bonus Check." Don't miss out on double savings!