Make Your Holiday a Little More Beautiful

Can you believe it? We're just 7 days away from the beginning of Hanukkah and only 10 days away from Christmas!

At World's Window, we're making bows as fast as we can while we greet customers and offer coffee, tea and cookies. The energy is festive and bright. We love hearing about those you need to shop for and add our gift ideas to those you've already thought of. And, if you spot something you would also love to have? We'll be glad to assist you at the dressing rooms - or wrap it up as your own special gift to yourself. We're into our daily holiday party mode and love when you join us!

On our Facebook page we're still merrily counting down 30 days of great gift ideas. If you haven't seen our wonderful gift suggestions yet, click here to check out all the I-want-these. Then make sure you're signed up as a Facebook friend so you keep seeing more gift suggestions yet to come.

For a holiday that's more beautiful, this weekend we're granting wishes of 25% off jewelry and 25% off nativities, ornaments, menorahs and some select holiday decor. Come join our holiday party!