Lucky Bamboo - Lucky You

Bamboo has long been the Chinese symbol for strength and a strong life that's filled with prosperity

One Bamboo Stalk = Simplicity and Meaningful Life.
Even with one stalk of Lucky Bamboo you are blessed and surrounded with good energy.

Two Bamboo Stalks = LOVE! or double your luck.
People often send two stalks of bamboo as an expression of love. Two will also help you double your luck.

Three Bamboo Stalks = 3 kinds of luck.
A favorite to have in your home, three bamboo stalks brings you three kinds of luck: Happiness: Fu Long Life: Soh Wealth: Lu (Career promotions)

Four Bamboo Stalks = nope, don't do it! In the Chinese language, the word used as four sounds very similar to the word used for death. The number four carries negative energy. You'll never find a four-stalked bamboo plant in the Chinese culture; much less ever give one for a gift. To do so is extremely rude and would be interpreted that you're giving the recipient a death wish. Whoa!

Five Bamboo Stalks = for all-around "wealth"
With the number five, there's one stalk for every area of your life that can bring you wealth. The overall energy attracted to a five bamboo stalk plant is one of health, which is needed to benefit from any of the five areas of your life. The five stalk bamboo reinforces each of the five areas of your life that can influence the level of wealth for each area. Emotional, Intuitive, Mental, Physical, Spiritual.

Six Bamboo Stalks = prosperity and wealth
Six in the Chinese language also sounds like the word luck. Six stalks of bamboo attracts prosperity and advantages to achieve greater wealth.

Seven Bamboo Stalks = good health
Seven stalks of bamboo bestows good health to you.

Eight Bamboo Stalks = attraction and thriving
The law of attraction. Eight sounds like the word used for grow or thrive. Eight stalks also improves fertility. Hmm...

Nine Bamboo Stalks = lots of good luck!
This is the symbol for good luck and bestows great luck to whoever receives a nine stalk plant.

Ten Bamboo Stalks = be complete in your life
A ten stalk bamboo arrangement sends a wish for you is to feel complete and complacent. The hope is that you find your life to be perfect just as you envision and desire.

Or, cover ALL your bases:
Twenty-One Bamboo Stalks = most powerful of all!
If someone has gifted you with a plant with this number of bamboo stalks, then the well wishes for you and your family are being delivered in a very powerful overall blessing for great wealth and enduring health.

Our special New Year's gift to you - through February 22 or as long as our Lucky Bamboo lasts:
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Lucky Bamboo thriving at World's Window