It Was a Fab 50's Flipping Favorites - and YOU Made It Possible!

A giant shout-out to all who attended and helped raise over $6,000 for Rose Brooks Center at our Fab 50's Flipping Favorites shopping benefit. YOU are awesome! You make this event possible - your donations AND your shopping. It was 50's fab all around - we loved dressing up, your wore your sock-hop socks, you ate pigs-in-a-blanket. You shopped and shopped.
Flipping Favorites Shoppers ready to shop at World's Window in benefit for Rose Brooks Center in Kansas City Missouri
Flipping Favorites Shoppers shopping at World's Window in benefit for Rose Brooks Center in Kansas City Missouri
The Rose Brooks staff and volunteers are always amazing in their help for Flipping Favorites - both during our party and in the week before. Once again Liberty Mutual encouraged volunteers to choose our event during their "volunteer week" and they did most of the final preparations - tagging all the items, making sure hangers were all switched out and ready. In addition, Susan Borge (so sad we don't have a picture!) came several days and steamed and steamed your donations so they looked perfect. And my sister Judy and my cousin Stephanie came for TWO WEEKS to do all the sorting and organizing of the clothing.
Volunteers who helped make Flipping Favorites possible as a shopping benefit at World's Window for Rose Brooks Center, Kansas City, Missouri
We loved dressing up for this fun event and listening to 50's music. Our World's Window staff is just THE BEST. They loved receiving your donations and handing you your Golden Ticket tied around your "sock hop" socks.
World's Window staff at our Flipping Favorites shopping benefit for Rose Brooks Center, Kansas City, Missouri

On Friday, May 11, over 1200 tops, pants, skirts and dresses rolled onto the Rose Brooks Center truck headed to the shelter. Also boxes of more casual clothes too - tee shirts, casual wear, jeans - that we didn't tag for our Flipping Favorites event, but will be welcomed by the women and girls in shelter.

Our last with-ever-so-grateful-hearts "THANK YOU" goes to 25 clothing companies that sent 315 brand new clothing items for us to include on the Flipping Favorite racks for our shopping benefit and for "Rosie's Closet" at Rose Brooks Center. These donations are such a generous gift from companies who know us and appreciate what we do at World's Window and love supporting this cause to support women escaping domestic violence. Except for Dorman Fashion (their box of lovely donations arrived the day of the event but still made it to the racks!) here are all the names!

Thank you to our clothing companies that sent donations for Flipping Favorites at World's Window, Kansas City, Missouri

Thank you to all!!