Get Ready to Party for Rose Brooks this Thursday, April 26, 2012

Over 600 nearly-new and gently worn garments hang in size-runs, ready for this Thursday’s “Fabulous Flipping Favorites” clothing drive for Rose Brooks Center, Kansas City's largest domestic violence agency. Our 7th annual spring fund-raiser on Thursday, April 26 from 5 - 8 pm (hopefully in front of our store) will provide needed clothing and funds for the women at Rose Brooks.

Our call went out in early April: Clean out your closet. Look for the "shouldn't have bought this" tops. Or the "I fit into it last year, but. . ." slacks. Or the "what was I thinking" jacket. Or the "I haven't worn this for a year" dresses hanging way at the back of your closet. Those are exactly the items to donate. And donate they have. And respond you did! Our World's Window customers and friends of Rose Brooks have carried in one or several items of clothing - or bags full. Clothing donations are being accepted through Monday, April 23rd in order to prepare for the party.

Sorting donated clothing for Flipping Favorites, Thurs, April 26th from 5 - 8 pm

New clothing donations from off of our own racks and from some of their vendors - like Cut Loose, Dunia, Eucalyptus, Flax, Habitat, Nomadic Traders, Parsley & Sage and Tianello - have also been added to the racks. Tower Cleaners is busy cleaning and pressing some of the clothing that needed a little extra love. Over the years Tower Cleaners has generously donated cleaning for over 300 garments. Please give them a "high five" the next time you take clothes there for cleaning. They've been a great partner in this venture.

The VIP “Fabulous Flipping Favorites” red carpet benefit party and shopping extravaganza on Thursday, April 26 from 5 - 8 pm requires a $10 Golden Ticket that can be purchased at the door with all proceeds going directly to Rose Brooks)

*Shop hundreds of donated new and gently-used items for only $10 each.
*Shop the World’s Window Preview Anniversary Sale that same evening when almost the entire store will be 20% off PLUS an additional 10% will be donated to Rose Brooks
*Register for a chance to win fabulous prizes including a $200 shopping spree at World’s Window

It will be an evening of fun and fashion with music, champagne and perhaps even the paparazzi. It’s possible that Diana, Marilyn, Elizabeth or Whoopie might show up. Come join the fun!