"Blanketed With Warmth" $10 Quilt Raffle and Coat Drive Will Keep Rose Brooks Women and Children Warm

It's super-warm and super-soft. Our Tianello fabric sample quilt. Queen-sized and hanging on the wall at World's Window. A labor of love from the World's Window staff to benefit the women and children at Rose Brooks Center.

Conceived months ago as a project by Jan Buerge, owner of World's Window and her sister, Judy Hartzler, it started as a discussion on what to do with boxes of tencel sample fabrics gathered over the years from Tianello (www.Tianello.com), a clothing company manufacturing in the Los Angeles area and a well-loved clothing line featured in World's Window for many years.
 Cutting and sewing quilt blocks for quilt raffle benefit for Rose Brooks Center

The caring staff at World's Window gamely took on cutting quilt squares and then learned how "knot" the quilt layers together. Judy was the solo seamstress and taught everyone else how cut the pieces, stretch and pin the layers and then knot and roll the quilt until we all met in the middle.
 Knotting the quilt for the raffle benefit for Rose Brooks Center

The easy conversation and laughter around the quilt was no less friendship-binding than the mothers and sisters who have knotted and quilted in generations past.
World's Window staff knotting the quilt for the raffle benefit for Rose Brooks Center

The finished quilt now hangs behind the World's Window check-out counter. Raffle tickets are being sold for $10 a piece through Thursday, November 7th. All proceeds will go directly to Rose Brooks Center. Tickets can also be purchased at http://rosebrooks.org/events.html.
Finished quilt for the raffle benefit for Rose Brooks Center

A Grand Finale Party for both the quilt raffle and our annual winter coat and sweater drive currently underway will be Thursday, November 7th from 6 - 8 p.m. Join us to celebrate! Live jazz, door prizes, food and drinks. And, of course, the last chance to buy raffle tickets for our lovely Tianello quilt. 

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/168014900064406/