30% Off Winter Clearance Sale

Out sledding on these snowy days?? Not at World's Window. We've used these quieter snow days to totally re-arrange much of the store. Partly to clean and freshen; partly to make room for some new shipments; but mostly to get ready for our giant Winter Clearance Sale that starts RIGHT NOW!

At least half of our current clothing stock is now marked down at 30% off. You'll see "30% Off" sale signs on many, many clothing racks throughout the store. Included are coats, sweaters, vests, tops, pants, and skirts from almost all our clothing lines including: Tianello, Citron, Tribal, Nomadic Traders, Avalin, Habitat, Eucalyptus, Chalet, Comfy, Margaret Winters, Moonlight, Carol Tompkins and much more.

Also included are all of our woven (winter) hats and scarves, mucklucks, and all our gloves and mittens. What a great time to pick up extra for the rest of this winter or to give as gifts next Christmas.

Also included are shelves of gift items such as tea pots & cups, throw rugs, jewelry roll-bags, incense, some candles, and more. Check out the shelves all the way in the back room for all the goodies. All at 30% off.

We're also holding our own version of a "white sale" (although I can't think of anything that is actually the color white). All of our home decor textiles - pillows, bedspreads, curtains, wall hangings and table runners - are also 30% off. This sale is for a limited time only - through the end of January.

See all the fun details below. Then come in for some big savings. We've got the coffee and tea brewed to warm you up. And we're ready to help you find some fun, new clothes to finish off the winter - or some great new textiles to brighten up your decor.